Frame Restoration

Have an old frame that Needs restoration?

Frame restoration is important to maintain the value of a work and to preserve framed art. In addition, a proper frame in good condition can greatly increase the value of the artwork, not just for curb appeal, but anyone who knows the worth of a frame will factor it into the value—in fact, sometimes individuals will purchase a piece of art specifically because they see that the value of the frame merits the price.  If your current frame is damaged, but compliments the piece it is framing, it may be worth the repair to maintain the aesthetic value of the combination. Professional framing that was done poorly, or a frame that has been damaged can even affect the artwork itself, decreasing the value. If the tape used to secure the art to the mat is old, it’s worth it to replace the adhesive and ensure the art is securely fastened to minimize the risk of shifting and damage to the corners of the piece within the frame. A loose frame is also at risk of coming apart altogether, and shattering glass is the last thing you want near a valuable or sentimental piece of work. If there are edges coming loose, consider repairing the frame immediately to reduce the risk of damage from a fallen frame.

Why Choose Art of Framing for Frame resporation?

Art of Framing can handle any project, big or small. From picture frame repair to custom memorabilia shadow boxes and frame restoration, we do it all. And with over 25 years of experience, we know how to do it right. We’ll listen not only to your needs, but also your story in order to choose a framing solution that fits your budget and your pieces perfectly. Where there’s a will, there’s a way—and we have the will to repair or restore any frame you bring to us. We love what we do and the unique challenges that come with creating the perfect frame for each cherished piece. We also guarantee our workmanship and strive to have every customer leave one hundred percent satisfied. If you are not pleased with any part of our service to you, we’ll work with you to ensure that we fulfill your needs.

Additional Services

Glass Replacement
Shipping, moving, mischievous children…just a few ways a piece of framed glass can get broken. Art of framing can replace broken glass in any framed piece up to a size of 40x60. Damaged plexi-glass can also be replaced up to a size of 48x96. We carry regular and specialty (Non-glare, UV, Museum) glasses, as well as regular and specialty plexi-glass.

Heat and Dry Mounting
Mounting your art, photos or memorabilia ensures it looks its best when framed. At Art of Framing we're experts in heat and dry mounting, and will guide you toward the best mounting process for your art.